Meet The Parents

Below is a brief introduction to the wonderful cats that have brought us our kittens. Take a little time to see their personalities, as many of those traits and characteristics are seen daily in their kittens.


This is Casen. He is our 7 year old F6 SBT stud. He is amazingly sweet and loving. He adores our dogs, friends, and children that he shares the house with. He is one of the most friendly cats I have know, and has produced wonderful kittens for us.

(Updated images soon to come)


Zuri is our F4 Queen Bee. Zuri means “beautiful”, and she lives up to her name in every way. The kittens she has produced have been exceptional. “Zuri” is in each and every one of her kittens in both appearance and personality. We couldn’t ask for a better mamma kitty.

(Updated images soon to come)

Pacific Northwest Savannahs

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