Are you questioning if your household can handle something like a Savannah?

Do they act like wild animals? Will they interact with other animals and children? Are they going to be too much for us to handle?”

If you’re finding yourself asking these sort of questions, why don’t we let you read what other Savannah owners have to say who ended up with our cats

“These cats are unlike anything we’ve ever owned or expected. Our kitty is the most fun, loving, and entertaining animal we have had. We just finished converting a camper van and she absolutely loves to travel with us. She picked up walking on a leash and harness very quickly and really enjoys exploring hiking trails in the wilderness.She is just as fun in our regular home setting too. She has brought so much joy into our house. If anyone is looking to bring in a new fur baby that is unlike anything they’ve had, we would highly recommend one of Pacific Northwest’s Savannah’s. They are an amazing breeder and all of their kittens we got to meet and interact with have wonderful personalities.”

Pacific Northwest Savannahs

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